What’s this therapy thing all about?

So you know there’s something you need to find the answer to, but you just can’t seem to work it out? Maybe a fork in the road and you just don’t know which way to go?

BIG decisions!

So you decide you need to “see someone”. You hit google to find a counsellor, find someone you like the sound of, book an appointment, find a comfy spot on their couch and simple, she’ll have all the answers you need. You’re in for a surprise….

The work can be gruelling, but it’s worth it. You might not know where it will take you and it might be scary at times, but facing the things that hurt you, will heal you. 

You’re never on your own, your therapist is with you during every moment, whether that might be a painful moment, or a moment of celebration. We’ll laugh together too – who knew?

Talking therapy is client lead, you bring with you whatever you want, it could be light, it could be gritty, whatever it might be, you won’t be judged, just respected and valued, in a safe space, that’s just for you.

It’s often no quick fix, but don’t worry this is the long haul, if that’s what you need. The process will go on for as long as it takes and that can vary; 3 weeks, 6 months, a year, more.

Everyone is different and you’ll vote with your feet. When you feel you’re ready to fly the therapy nest, you’ll know. You might want to come back for some occasional maintenance and this is good thing. You wouldn’t get a filling and never go back for a check up with your dentist, would you?

Your therapist won’t have all the answers but they’ll be able to help you uncover what you already know. Didn’t I tell you? You already have the answer, it’s just buried down deep, it’s there, amongst the 10,000 other things you already have whizzing around in your head.

Often during your first session you will wonder what to bring. Just bring yourself – that’s all we’ll need. 

Sound like a comfy spot?

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